Isometric Illustration

Illustration | Advertisement Concept

This is an image of a screen with the illustration video on it and the poster in a frame


Algonquin College—School Project


Create an isometric illustration that depicts a process.

This piece depicts one of my favourite bands—Twenty One Pilots—going through the cycle of music production. From writing music on the living room floor, producing music in the studio, to then performing on a stage. When I first started sketching, I wasn’t exactly sure how I wanted things to look. I tried many different ways of doing the bases for each stage, and I also thought of connecting the platforms with staircases to show the journey that it takes to get to the concert stage of the process.

Sketch Process

This is an image of the different sketches that I did trying to figure out how I was going to lay out my idea

After some consideration, I decided to go ahead with the floating bases because it best represents the struggle of getting from one stage to another in the music industry.

Final Work

This is an image of the final isometric illustration

I love the way that this illustration turned out. However, I thought I could take it a bit farther and use the illustrations for something other than just a poster. I decided to make an advertisement video that promotes the tour and buying/selling tickets. This advertisement allows fans to see the process of their favourite band making music one individual step at a time.

Final Video


My biggest challenge was getting everything to fit geometrically into the isometric grid. It was my first time doing an isometric illustration, so I had to get used to making things properly fit the point of view that you see them in.

Disclaimer: The logo that is on the backdrop of the stage was not made by me; it is the official Twenty One Pilots Bandito tour logo.

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