Here lies some of my favourite side projects including, but not limited to: illustrations, photo manipulations, and layout work!

Illustration of both of my cats. They're siamese.

This is an illustration of my cats

This piece says omg what with a grungy brush stroke effect

Illustrative typography piece

Showreel from 2019-2020! Check out my Vimeo for more motion pieces

This is an image of 4 posters. It was a random concept I treid that includes the 4 members of a girl group called Little Mix

This is a photo composition set I made of Little Mix

This is a poster of Michonne and a zombie from the walking dead.

The Walking Dead Poster Concept

This is an image of 2 bio fact sheets. The image shows the front and back of the fact sheets. The fact sheets talk about Martin Luther King Jr. and Harriet Tubman.

Bio Fact Sheets Concept

This is a picture of a thank you card that I designed for the Youth Ottawa spirit of the capital awards. There's an illustration on the front of the award they give out at this event.

Thank you card for Youth Ottawa Spirit of the Captial Awards

This is a poster concept for beats solo 2 headphones. There is an illustration of a hand holding the headphones in an art deco style.

Beats Solo 2 Poster Concept

This is a picture of the updated Youth Ottawa program booklet. It shows both the front cover as well as one of the spreads from the booklet.

2020 Youth Ottawa Program Booklet

This is an image of the 9 sticker designs that I've actually gotten printed.

Sticker Designs (Actually printed) :0

This is an image of a melting popsicle that I made in cinema 4d

3D rendered melting popsicle

This is my first animated short!

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