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Hi! I'm Megan Smith.

I am very passionate about graphic design and visual arts. My strengths are branding, illustration, motion graphics, UI/UX design, and photo editing. But aside from graphic design I have another love—music. I get a lot of my inspiration from music and I believe that a persons music taste can say who they are or how they feel without them even having to speak.

Music isn’t much different from graphic design or visual art. I believe that designs should be able to speak for themselves without any explanation. They should have their own voices, styles, and stories. Music and design are both subjective, but telling the story you want to tell and having people understand just by looking... now that's what I strive for!

Check out this ever-changing playlist of my favourite music:

My specialties are:


A well developed brand is important because it's the first thing that customers or consumers get to know about you.


Illustrations are always a great touch. They give that extra bit of personality that photographs do not.

Motion Graphics

Nothing makes illustrations or photos look better than making them move and diving deeping into their story.

Photo Manipulation

Mixing and matching contents of different photographs to create an ethereal compostion. What's better than that?

UI/UX Design

User Interface/User Experience

The way a website looks is important, but what's more important is making sure it works properly and well.

Digital Design

Digital design is exactly what it sounds like—design that stays digital. For example, motion, web banners, web design, social posts, etc.

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